Welcome To Karuna Media

Welcome To Karuna Media

Posted by Adam Taff on April 24, 2013  /   Posted in Our Philosophy, Welcome To Karuna Media

Karuna Media was founded in 2010 with this mission: provide outstanding client care, expert strategic advice, unique and engaging media, and the production of exceptional, sustainable results for our clients.

Karuna is laser-focused on providing the one commodity that virtually all businesses seek: sustainable business growth.

We do it with a core team of experienced experts in their fields of programming, design, e-commerce program management — SEO, paid search, affiliate marketing, partner marketing, social media, email program management — and television and radio production.

“Karuna” is best translated to mean “compassion”, and that is at the core of our business philosophy. Make no mistake, Karuna works very hard to deliver powerful results for our clients and, in this competitive market place, to distinguish them from their competitors. But we look consistently for opportunities where our engagement can result in an elevation and enhancement of the lives of our clients’ audience.

We strive to accomplish that by building meaningful relationships with our clients, by immersing ourselves in the fundamentals of their business, understanding their philosophy, their visions, and their dreams. At the core of our business practice is an in-depth, metrics based understanding of our clients’ specific market, their product or service, their existing infrastructure, and overall trends in online and offline marketing strategies that can affect their success.

We are passionate about and drawn to clients and projects that help our world and those of us who live on it — a need for cleaner energy, for higher quality nutrition and health care, for sustainable and eco-friendly businesses.

We look for ways to partner with others and reach and touch a maximum audience, spurring people to action for good. We are proud of our clients who have put confidence in us. Please take a look at them and note the good they strive to achieve in their daily work. They inspire us.

We hope you will join Karuna in our mission. It is not just about the destination, it is about the journey along the way.

  • More About Karuna Media

    Our team has worked in New York, San Francisco, and Kansas City. We travel extensively to meet with clients and to engage with industry leaders and top line experts in our field to maintain our competitive edge.

  •       Contact Karuna Media

                Karuna Media
                Country Club Plaza
                435 Nichols Road
                Suite 200
                Kansas City, MO 64112

  • Our Inspiration

    Karuna strives to contribute time and finances to advance causes that help sustain our environment and enrich the lives of those in challenging living conditions. May the compassion that is embodied in Karuna guide all of us on our journey.

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